Treatment for Ringworm in Humans – Are Anti-Fungal Medications Effective?

The treatment of ringworm in humans is often done by contact, or oral anti-fungal drugs. Those forms of treatment are effective, but the condition often comes back, since fungal bodies or spores are trapped inside dead skin cells, or inside hairs on the body. The good news is, there is a simple solution to counter this problem, and eliminate the infection permanently. Read on to learn more.

Manufacturers of such products do not want the patients to have a one-time fix. They want people to keep buying their products, and that’s one of the probable reasons why ringworm recurrence is so common, when the medical approach is used. Despite this, people keep trusting doctors, who do not know what they are doing, and as a result they suffer permanent scarring. The permanent scarring occurs, as the ringworm fungi produce certain toxins, which they use to defend themselves. That’s why it is important to think for yourself, and to do your own research when it comes to your own health. The treatment of ringworm in humans can either eliminate the problem permanently, or only kill fungi, that are located closely to the skin.

The best approach is to create an environment, where the fungi cannot function. Oral medications sometimes achieve that, but they need a long time to work, and the recurrence rate is still relatively high. The natural approach works better here. Usually, medications, manufactured by drug companies are more effective than any natural solution you can come up with, but there are exceptions – and ringworm happens to be one of them. Usually, fungal infections on the skin, affect regions where the skin is moist, such as inside the mouth. The ringworm though, can spread on dry skin, and that’s why the contact or oral medications are often unable to permanently eliminate the problem.