Drug’s Effects on Brain-Fog Symptoms

This article will address a biotin question and its effects on brain-fog symptoms. The idea came from somebody that asked me opinion about this. She has just started taking a substantial dose of biotin (in combination with other B-vitamins, all yeast-free), because over at the Forum, they all see biotin as the anti-brain-fog miracle. There are several articles on brain fog that support this – as well as stopping the candida from producing roots, biotin helps to break down acetaldehyde, which seems to be at the core of the awful mental symptoms.

4 days in, her head is definitely a little clearer. She was just wondering how much, how often,
with/without food, and how big (and, how fast!) an effect it’s had on your brain-fog symptoms?

Although I never take Biotin, an input from my friend can answer this question.

She has taken Biotin, as part of the program that Diane Petosky suggests. She did take antifungals at the same time (and did colonics), so she cannot guesstimate how fast the biotin alone can clear your brain fog.

Diane’s program suggests 3000 micrograms per day, so she got 5 Mg caps (that’s 5000 micrograms) and took one per day. She has to say, too, that she does think it helped. She went to a well-known (in yeast-circles) doctor today, and they checked her blood under the microscope and saw not too much yeast. It was more than someone who has no systemic candida, but not rampant, as it was before. To her, this indicates that not only did the anti-fungals kill the existing yeast, but the biotin has curtailed the “budding phase”. She is continuing to take the biotin, even now that she has stopped the antifungals.

Interesting enough, she was absolutely sure that recurrent yeast was her problem when she went in there. Her gall bladder was aching, and stools getting lighter while urine was getting darker (classic signs of hepatitis, but she is not feeling that sick, so she assumed it was gall bladder).

After looking at her blood, they seem to think that she has the yeast under control, and that she has digestive problems and mycoplasma (which is says seems to be a common denominator in people who complain of muscle/bone aches, and feeling “tired all the time”). They gave her treatment ideas for this.

The doctor feels that getting the digestive problems under control will solve many of her other complaints. They did find that she is not digesting her food properly, so gave her a stool kit to send a sample to the Lab. After that, she is to being some treatment to begin to correct her digestion.