Why Natural Remedies Work and Drugs Don’t

Have you noticed how we live in a world which has traded personal awareness and responsibility for powerlessness and synthetic solutions? Our bodies are always seeking balance and all the parts depend on each other to work properly. While our bodies have the potential for disease, there exists an internal system for self-healing that can be reinforced with natural remedies.

Before the advancement of modern medicine, people relied upon plant resources, like essential oils, to remedy health concerns. Incorporating essential oils into a daily routine can effectively address the everyday wellness needs of your family. An essential oil is a liquid that is distilled from leaves, stems, shrubs, trees, seeds, bushes, flowers bark and roots of plants. The life-blood of plants serve as natural remedies; they are

• anti-fungal

• anti-viral

• anti-bacterial

• anti-inflammatory

• hormone balancing

The highest quality oils, therapeutic grade, are made from organic plants and distilled at low temperatures to retain the organic healing properties. Simply, they keep the human body in a whole state of balance. This means they are particularly designed to:

• Cleanse

• Protect

• Oxygenate

• Nourish

• Heal

Drugs are synthetic, dead matter; inhibit, block, and interrupt normal bodily functions, in addition to having negative side effects. These reasons verify why natural remedies work and drugs don’t.

Essential Oils can be extremely effective, safe, economical and easy to use while tending to a whole range of health issues, right in your own home:

• Anti-bacterial properties make them highly effective for sanitizing, disinfecting, deodorizing and air purification, as well.

• Some essential oils make excellent toxin free cleaning agents for removal of grease, oil, carpet stains, crayon, etc.

• Powerful anti-oxidant properties in some essential oils make them amazingly effective in anti-aging, energy and health giving applications both alone and when combined with supplements.

• And of course, nothing beats the power of essential oils in personal care products for skin, hair and personal hygiene.

Additionally, essential oils are easy to use and further maintains why natural remedies work. The 3 simple applications of oils are:

• Inhalation

• Topical

• Oral Ingestion

Learning how to use oils is not hard. Once you get accustomed to using them as you would use other remedies, you will discover many more uses to suit your unique needs.

Making the decision to exchange toxic products for natural ones is an active step in bringing balance to all areas of your life and that of your family. What are you waiting for? Start NOW to see what Natural Remedies work positively in your home.

Using Natural Yeast Infection Remedies Instead of Anti Fungal Drugs

More women are now turning to natural yeast infection remedies because of the trouble they are having with exposing their infection to too many anti fungal drugs. Chronic yeast infections and resistant infections are on the increase because of this exposure so now it’s time for a change.

Because its so easy now to purchase anti fungal drugs either over the counter or online, more fungal infections are now occurring. A lot of women use these drugs even without getting a diagnosis from there doctor so they are using them without needing to. This is when resistant infection are created, and then the drug that has cause the infection becomes useless.

Natural cures work with the body instead of against it. The human body is capable of curing and preventing further infections without the need of any help from drugs. Candida overgrowth is caused by the body’s natural defenses being weakened, and no drug will strengthen the body’s natural defenses They only make them weaker.

A home remedy for a Candida infection will replenish your intestinal flora, and strengthen your immune system. Once these are back to the way they were your body will no longer allow the naturally occurring Candida to mutate so you’ll be infection free.

Herbs can be taken to kill the fungus, and they work better than drugs because they don’t upset the natural bacterial and chemical balance in the body. Drugs kill friendly bacteria as well as the fungus, and you need friendly bacteria to keep the yeast under control.

I’m Confused, Should I Use Ringworm Anti Fungal Cream Or Medication?

Ringworm is caused by parasites known as Dermatophytes that tend to attach to the skin. The location of the ringworm and the severity of the infection can determine whether to use a ringworm anti fungal cream or an oral anti fungal medication. The treatment of ringworm should start immediately to reduce the rapid spread of ringworm to other parts of your body. Ringworm is a disease. If you are experiencing ring shaped rashes with healthy skin in the center, an anti fungal cream will probably work very well. Ringworm can occur in both animals and humans.

Anti fungal creams like Lotrimin, Micatin, Monistat and Tinactin have an active ingredient called Miconazole or Clotrimazole. The creams can effectively treat jock itch and Athlete’s foot. The prescribe time frame for jock itch is normally two weeks. The time frame for Athlete’s foot and other ringworm types tend to be approximately four weeks. Clean the affected area with soap and water and let dry before applying the cream to the infected area is a must. The cream treatment is usually done once in the morning and again in the evening time. Always follow the instructions provided with your product purchase.

If you are not having any success or your condition is getting worse, a simple solution may be using a stronger strength of the active ingredient. Another suggestion is to try a different anti fungal ingredient. Also, medical help is probably required. A doctor’s prescription will possibly be necessary utilizing stronger dosages of lotions, shampoos or anti fungal pills.

Oral ringworm medication will normally be required for more serious situation like the scalp or nail areas. The prescription drug names are known as Grifulvin V, Diflucan, Lamisil, Nizoral and Sporanox. There are also different formulations for fungal infections regarding your infected nail type. Remember, drugs do have side effects and you should be treated and monitored by your physician. It’s best to get medical help regarding your ringworm infection for the proper diagnosis and speedy recovery.